Velocity Weapon by Megan O’Keefe – Book Review

Velocity Weapon by Megan O’Keefe was a highly entertaining and cinematic read that had my mind doing backflips at the amount of tricksy twists and turns that awaited me. I absolutely fell in love with the characters and their chemistry with one another. The political elements were also so gripping that it reminded me a lot of one of my favourite sci-fi shows, The Expanse.

The story focuses on the character of Sanda Greeves who awakens aboard a spaceship calling itself Bero. Bero isn’t just any ship, he’s a highly intelligent AI ship who has the ability to think for himself and essentially has his own personality. However, the gag is, Bero is an Icarion ship which is an enemy of Ada Prime where Sanda is from.

Before Sanda awakens, Icarion declared war on Ada Prime and began their attack. Sanda is right in the middle of this attack and her gunship is destroyed. This leads to her ship ejecting her and protecting her through a nutrient gel that puts Sanda into stasis. Bero then delivers even more bad news to Sanda by telling her she has been in stasis for almost 230 years. The war between Icarion and Ada resulted in both of them being wiped off the face of the star system

The story is also told from the POV of Sanda’s younger brother Biran Greeves. His side of things take place when Icarion have declared war on Ada Prime. Shortly after the attack, Biran is pushed into the position of a Keeper which is basically a political leader. Although Sanda and many others have been declared dead, Biran believes his sister is very much alive after uncovering key information which has been hidden from him. Thus we follow Biran as he begins to realise that he has to make his own political moves in order to find a way of bringing his sister back home.

Velocity Weapon for me had it all. From high octane action, elements of conspiracy/politics, and a main character in Sanda who stole the show with her sarcastic humour and abillity to be brave when the chips are down. I loved her intensity and the fact that she always stood up for what she believed in. Throughout the story she must phase difficult moments and no matter how many times she tumbles she gets right back up and comes back full throttle.

I also felt the same way about Biran. Even though her sister is presumed dead and those in charge are trying to avoid finding her, Biran never gives up. His love for his sister turns him into Lion surrounded by hyenas. He must out maneuver everyone that stands in his way and the way he does this was superb.

Megan O’Keefe makes you root for both of them so easily and effortlessly. They’re both so likeable that you just want them to prosper and when things are going south you can’t help but bite your tongue at the suspense. I love authors that are able to make you care for the characters and this is definitely the case with this story.

What further increases the intensity for me was how the story is being told from two timelines. This being during the attack i.e. Biran’s timeline and 200 years after the attack on Ada Prime which occurs during Sanda’s timeline. For some this back and forth may be jarring, but for me I really enjoyed the element of the unknown. I couldn’t get rid of this feeling of foreboding from my mind. Whenever the story switched to Sanda I was worried about what was going to happen to Biran and vice versa.

Overall, Velocity Weapon was absolutely superb. It was such a fun and entertaining read with cleverly crafted twists that had my mind doing cartwheels. I loved the balancing of action/drama with great storytelling. I have nothing but praise for Megan O’Keefe for writing this and can’t wait to be reunited with Sanda, Bero, and Biran in the next book 😊. If you love sci-fi and space operas then you’ll love this.

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