Suburban Dicks by Fabian Nicieza – Book Review

Suburban Dicks focuses on the POV of two main characters in the setting of West Windsor, New Jersey. First we have Andrea Stern, having nabbed a prominent serial killer, Andrea was on the path to becoming a well renowned FBI profiler. However, she gave up this dream to raise her four (soon to be five)Continue reading “Suburban Dicks by Fabian Nicieza – Book Review”

Version Zero by David Yoon – Book Review

“Max came up with new ways of getting users to give emotional data to Wren without knowing it. This without knowing it part was important. For as it grew, Wren had garnered a certain reputation.” Version Zero by David Yoon Version Zero by David Yoon focuses on the character of Max a tech guru whoContinue reading “Version Zero by David Yoon – Book Review”

Shiver by Allie Reynolds – Book Review

“We speed across the plateau. Such emptiness below. I forgot how huge this area is. Walkers hike here in summer and trails zigzag up. It must be beautiful—a mass of Alpine flowers-but all there is to see today is straggly brown grass and rocky scree. No sign of life, not even a bird. The landContinue reading “Shiver by Allie Reynolds – Book Review”

The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr – Book Review

The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr tells the story of Samuel and Isaiah. They are slaves who work at the Elizabeth Plantation aka The Empty in the Deep South of Mississippi. Samuel and Isaiah spend their days in the barn tending to the animals. The Empty is an awful awful place with nothing but misery,Continue reading “The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr – Book Review”