Jade War by Fonda Lee (#2 The Greenbone Saga)

Jade War is the sequel to the spectacular Jade City. The Kaul family are still locked in a triangle choke as they attempt to seize control over the supply of jade and the capital city of Kekon. Having been pushed into leadership as a result of what happened in the first book , Hilo isContinue reading “Jade War by Fonda Lee (#2 The Greenbone Saga)”

Jade City by Fonda Lee – Book Review –

Jade City by Fonda Lee focuses on the Kaul family aka The No Peak Clan of Kekon. The Kaul’s have been tussling for control over Kekon for centuries. They face stiff competition from the Ayt family who live in the mountains. One thing that both of these groups have in common is their pursuit toContinue reading “Jade City by Fonda Lee – Book Review –”