Flowers from the Sea by Zin E Rocklyn

Flowers of the Sea is the debut novel by Zin E. Rocklyn. It tells the story of a pregnant girl called Iraxi who along with survivors on a flooded kingdom are travelling on an ark. Having not seen land for many years, resources on the ark are now dwindling and monsters surround the boat. Iraxi is an outcast having refused a prince and also being the only one to have been able to carry with child longer than anyone else.

This was a very dark, claustrophobic, and uneasy read. The way Iraxi describes the ship makes you feel as if you’re on it. Like I could feel the heat, sweat, and smell without even being there. I was honestly blown away by the atmosphere Rocklyn created in this novel. I honestly got the heebiejeebies.

As a character Iraxi was an incredibly complex character. She is has been through a lot, she’s angry, and being pregnant is not something she wanted. Her anger is understandable as we slowly learn about about the environment on the boat and what she has been through.

“I did not ask for this!” I cry out, dropping the clothing and rushing towards her. “I want no parts of motherhood! I want no child to follow in my torched footsteps!

To make matters even more complex, the child inside of her is actually not even human. Iraxi is a strong character who definitely doesn’t take bullshit from anyone. When the child is born we find out that Iraxi is destined for great things. The ending of the novella is definitely one to remember for it’s gore and violence. It sets up the possibility for a sequel and I would love to see what happens next.

Flowers of the Sea was an incredibly dark yet captivating read that really grabbed me. Although it was a very short read the writing was superb and it’s definitely a memorable story. The blend of horror and fantasy was also executed spectacularly✊🏼. Thank you Giselle at Tor for sending me a copy of this.

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