Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames Review

You should write a book,” Matrick suggested.
Kit snorted. “Who wants to read the self-pitying lamentations of an old revenant?”
“There’s your title right there,” said Ganelon.

The Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames focuses on the character of Clay Cooper who twenty years ago was a member of the mercenery band, Saga. Bands such as Saga are basically adventurers and are seen as your modern day rockstars. Clay however has been out of the band game long enough to settle down with his wife Ginny and young daughter Tally.⁣

Then out of the blue turns up Gabriel aka Golden Gabe, Clays friend and the picture boy of Saga. He brings news that his daughter Rose is in trouble and this requires the band to once again come together and save Gabriel’s daughter. Although Clay is reluctant at first, he joins his in reuniting the band. This may be their most dangerous journey yet as they must once again journey into the Heartwyld. A place filled with nothing but the worst monsters you could think of and death around every corner. ⁣

For me, Kings of the Wyld was an enjoyable fast paced read that really highlights why the fantasy genre is one of my favourites. It had a group of fantastic characters, it was fast paced and had an immersive and detailed world.

I felt that every single band member in their own right stole the show. They all had such great chemistry and bounced off each other really well. There are 5 band members that on this journey. Firstly we have Clay Cooper who was a really likeable character. Even though he didn’t want to go on the journey and leave his wife and child behind he manages to roll back the years and push aside the aches of old age to do what’s right. Along with him he brings his trusty shield Blackheart. Then we have Golden Gabe aka Gabriel who is the poster boy for Saga. Although he is no longer golden he has a heart of gold and would do anything to save his daughter. He has a might sword called Vehillicor given to him by a Druin and the only druin sword that has been given to a human. Just to add, I thought the friendship with Clay was really heartwarming and they actually felt more like brothers than friends.

Then we have Moog the absolutely bonkers and eccentric wizard of the group. Although Moog doesn’t carry any weapons he always manages to throw something out the bag, literally as you’ll find out lol. Then we have Matrick, before leaving Saga he was the thief of the group. Now however he is a king which seems great on paper but he hates it more than anything in the world. He has a dual set of knives called Roxy and Grace that could slice you into mince meat faster than Busta Rhymes on the mic. And finally we have Ganelon the muscle of the group. He doesn’t talk much but when shit hits the fan he could crush anyone with his pinky finger, or just cut you in half with his Axe…

The group do meet many equally fantastic side characters. From an undead bard called Kit who doesn’t like being called a zombie, Kellrock who used to be the bands booker i.e. scheduled their work. There’s also Larkspur the bounty Hunter who has been sent by Matrick’s wife to bring back her husband.

There’s also the fantastic villain, Lastleaf. Who reminded me of Prince Nuada from the Hellboy: The Golden Army movie. He is a Druin and the last of his kind. He wishes to seek revenge on humanity for making his kind extinct and reclaim Castia where Rose is trapped.

What made this book extra special though was the humour. There are so many hilarious moments and dialogue between the characters that I just couldn’t help but laugh at. The band members love taking the piss out of each other, especially Matrick who usually gets the brunt of it from the group. Kind of reminded me of myself 😤🤣

How do I look?” he asked.
Barret grinned. “Old.”
Moog glanced over appraisingly. “Tired.”
Gabriel snorted a laugh. “Fuck you guys.

In terms of of the world building, the world of Grandual is rich with history. Each time some knowledge was shared about a monster or event in the world it made me want to know more. I would actually love to read a prequel that focuses on past events! There are also so many cool monsters! This book had everything from cannibals, Giants, trolls, a bad ass dragon and Wyrm that’ll make you shit yourself 🤣

So yeah I could ramble on forever about this book but honestly it’s a must read for lovers of fantasy. It has everything that you could hope for in a fantasy book. It was a great change for me as the fantasy novels I usually read are so serious so it was good to have a laugh. I’ve also been so anxious about my uni dissertation that reading this helped a lot in keeping my mind off things.

Thank you to Nicholas Eames for writing this and I can’t wait to read the second book, Bloody Rose

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