Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff – Review

All things must come to an end and just like that folks the Nevernight Chronicles has reached it’s conclusion! As far as series go, this has definitely been one of my favourite series in the fantasy genre every stabby stab step of the way.

Continuing from the second book Godsgrave, the Republic of Itreya is in disarray after our queen of stab stab, kill, Mia Covere has slain Cardinal Duomo and potentially also the man who started her quest for revenge Consul Scavea. Rumours of her death are flying like a house of daggers. Mia has also ran off with her brother Jonnen who isn’t too happy about this having been unaware that he even had a sister. Mia’s journey will see her cross the Sea of Swords, battle pirate king’s and see her return to the Red Church where her stabbing began. What we obviously do know is that what awaits is a pile of dead bodies and blood, lots of blood.

A storm of knives and shit was about to rain down on Mia’s head.

The character of Mia Corvere has definitely come a long way since the first two books and in this book so many questions are finally answered about her being a darkin and how it all fits with her destiny to reach the Crown of the Moon. It’s been an absolute joy following her journey, and seeing her grow and do the impossible. I had definitely become emotionally attached to her and this amazing world Jay Kristoff has created. So yeah definitely not an easy goodbye lol.

I feel her character grew a lot in this book. The introduction of her brother Jonnen and her relationship with Ashlinn made her realise that perhaps killing and revenge isn’t a path she wishes to follow forever. Although Jonnen was a wee shit and hella annoying, I did enjoy enjoy the growth of their relationship. He went from calling her a “wench” to calling her sister was very touching. Mia’s relationship with Ashlinn was also great and continued strongly from Godsgrave. They were two characters who you just knew were meant to be. I also loved the role Tric had in this novel and the ongoing tension between Ashlinn Mia’s current lover and Tric Mia’s previous lover who Ashlinn killed (I know bonkers).

The main villain of Consul Scaeva was amazing in my opinion, and finally seeing his true power was unnerving. His presencend aura was huge kind of like Pitou from the Hunter x Hunter anime (if you know you know)

When considering the other side characters, Mercurio for me was just awesome and in some ways it could be said he was the hero of this book. Even though he’s a grumpy old fart his love for Mia who he sees as her daughter really showed. Basically family and loyalty were some of the main themes throughout.

“Tm not alone,” Mia said, turning to face her old mentor. “I’ve never been alone. You’ve been with me ever since that grubby, spoiled little brat stormed into your store and demanded you buy her brooch. You saved my arse that turn. And in some small way, you’ve been saving”

Also, the shadow daemon’s Eclipse and Mr Kindly again steal the show with there banter. What I did like was that Mr Kindly actually plays a big part at a crucial time in the story. I felt it was such a great touch considering he has been by Mia’s side since book one.

In terms of the writing and overall story, it was good and pretty consistent to the previous novels. I really enjoyed the element of Seafaring and the violence reaches new heights which was expected lol. Although, I must say the inclusion of footnotes were annoying so I didn’t really bother reading them. Personally I feel that they were sometimes too long and an unneeded distraction. But the funny thing was Jay knows some people don’t like the footnotes so many characters took the piss out of them 😂

Mercurio flipped through a few more pages, softly scoffing. “It has footnotes? What kind of wanker writes a novel with footnotes?”

Overall, I’m going to miss this series so much. But I think the conclusion of the series was done well and I can’t really complain. Nothing was really left undone and i liked how all the questions we had about the world of the Nevernight Chronicles were answered. So yeah I’m happy overall 😊


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