The Girl Who Could Move Shit With Her Mind by Jackson Ford

The Girl Who Could Move Shit With Her Mind by Jackson Ford was like a well needed refreshment for me. It had been so long since I had read a book that had brought the fun factor to my reading experience, and this book definitely brings the fun!

The story takes place in LA and, focuses on the character of Teagan Frost who to her and the governments knowledge, is the only psychokinetic human being in the world. Teagan has been recruited by the government with one simple ultimatum – she must carry out missions that are off the books for a government spook managed by a woman called Tanner. If she doesn’t, Teagan must say bye bye to the little freedom she has and what awaits is her becoming a lab rat for scientists wishing to find out how her powers work.

However, shit literally hits the fan when one of the team’s targets on a mission ends up killed and the method of death could only have been carried out by someone with special abilities. Teagan is royally f*****d and is therefore given 22 hours to clear her name and prove it wasn’t her. If she doesn’t, she will end up as mince meat for the government scientists.

The second character in this novel is Jake. His story is told through a third person perspective. Jake is a lone drifter searching for answers as to how he got his powers. He is also on a mission, which is to complete three assignments given to him by a mysterious fellow and Jake will be able to discover his past which has dogged him all his life. I won’t be mentioning Jake much in the review as I can’t without spoiling the story, but he was a great addition and adds a lot of darkness to the overall journey. That’s all I can say.

So now to my thoughts! When I first saw the title of this book I just knew that this was going to be a cracker of a story. The fact that it has elements of the X-Men and in my opinion Supergirl, made me love this book even more. From the beginning, this book was an action packed thrill ride full of intense moments. I mean, come on guys, it starts with two women jumping off the 82nd floor of a building, you can’t get any more intense that that lol. This excitement and intensity doesn’t let up even until the end as you follow Teagan and her crew trying to clear her name. There were so many great plot twists throughout and I didn’t once expect any of them which was such a great feeling.

I really loved the character of Teagan and thought she was such fun. Her wisecracks, sarcasm and foul mouth was hilarious. It made me think to myself that the Marvel universe may have “the Merc with the mouth” in Deadpool, but Orbit Publishing have the psychokinetic with the mouth in Teagan. Although the story is told from the perspective of two characters, this is definitely her origin story as you discover how she gained her powers and how she came to be in her current predicament. It makes for an emotional read as she’s been through a lot in her life, and eing a government agent isn’t something she wants to continue on doing, but she has no choice. She would rather have her own restaurant and make delicious food which is her passion and dream. This aspect makes you realise that she just wants to be a normal person like everyone else.

It can also be said that this is an origin story of her crew. The author does really well in bringing an engaging and diverse group of people together who have their own unique past and present. For example, the hacker of the crew is someone called Reggie. Reggie is a quadriplegic and I have a lot of praise for the author portraying her in a positive light. I also found it really interesting that even though Teagan is part of a team, there’s a lot of bickering and untrustworthiness between them and her. But over the course of the story, you see the development of a strong bond and conformity as they slowly open up to each other. Seeing them come together and removing that animosity they have towards each other in order to help Teagan clear her name was lovely.

Just a quick mention of the story taking place in LA, I appreciated how the author depicts the location. There was no sugar coating at all and, the author mentions how poverty is increasing so much in the area and also how unstable the place is due to the threat of wild fires. Usually places like LA are glamorized for being perfect and a Utopia for people, but that’s far from the truth.

Overall, this book was fantastic and it’s definitely being added to my favourite books of 2019. It’s full of twists and turns and the fast pacing was phenomenal. I thought the writing was fantastic and the author does really well in creating a tense and mysterious atmosphere. After the ending I’m super super hyped for the sequel.

The book being released on the 20.06.19 and I would also like to thank Nazia and Orbit Publishing. I am forever grateful for the brilliant books you send me, thank you so much ❤️

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