Book Review – A Boy And His Dog at the End of the World By C.A. Fletcher

A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World is a spectacular and emotional post-apocalyptic novel that centres around loyalty, hope and kindness. Essentially, this book was the equivalent of a warm hug that I didn’t want to release myself from.

The story starts on a very small island off the coast of Scotland – almost all of the population has been wiped out due to the Gelding taking place, which has caused the few members of the population left unable to reproduce. It is here that we are first introduced to the main character, Griz and his family. Apart from Griz, there is his mother and father, his brother, Bar, his sister, Ferg and his two dogs, Jip and Jess. Then, everything goes tits up when the traveller in his boat with red sails arrives. The traveller is looking to trade and in those few moments brings smiles, trust and stories – lots of stories.But these stories are built on a layer of lies, and more lies which the family doesn’t realise until it’s too late. The traveller is in fact a thief who has stolen Griz’s precious dog, Jess. This, my fellow readers, is where Griz’s journey begins as he sets off into the unknown to not only find and return with his dog, but to find himself along the way.

From the outside you would think it’s a simple post-apocalyptic story, but you’d be totally wrong. This story is emotional, unique, hard hitting, and deeper than Helms Deep.This was definitely one of those books that after finishing it, I took a short pause and said “Wow” at the end. It’s been a long time since a book has made me feel all kinds of emotions from anger, to sadness, to happiness and this book right here brought all these various feelings

I absolutely loved the character of Griz and his curiosity as he ventures out of his comfort zone. The way he pointed out and described things from the past that were normal for us but not in Griz’s present world was really impactful and gave me a sense of “Wow I never thought about this.”

There are also so many thought provoking moments that Griz has that they even made me reflect on the present, the past and what the future holds for me. It was these descriptive elements that make you feel like you’re there with Griz on his journey, like shadow-following his every move. Griz reflects a lot about his feelings and his life and it really made me warm to him as a character and what he’s been through.

Thankfully. Griz wasn’t alone on his journey, as his companion, Jip the dog, joined him. I absolutely loved Jip and even though he was a small dog he had the strength of Thor and was so courageous when shit got real. To be honest, you could say Jip was in some way, on his own journey of discovery. I really enjoyed the relationship between both Jip and Griz – it was so heartwarming to see how much his dogs mean to him.

This is definitely a book I quickly became lost in and absorbed myself into the pages. Griz’s journey became my journey, and C.A. Fletcher did a great job in making me feel part of the story. There are lot of heart in your mouth moments, seeing Griz at his most vulnerable was intense and really made for some heart wrenching moments. At no point did I have an dea where the journey was taking me but wherever Griz and Jip went, I was along for the ride. I also loved the atmosphere: if you’ve played “The Last of Us” on PlayStation 4, you’ll understand. The way C.A. Fletcher made the world feel like a vacuum of silence was just brilliant, there were a lot of times where I could feel and hear the silence of the world in the story.

There are also so many unexpected moments that hit me right in the feels and obviously I’m not going to spoil those moments but God this book really hit me hard towards the end. It really crushed me and had me on the edge as my emotions went up and down like a seesaw.

Overall, a fantastic and emotional read full of unexpected and surprising moments. C.A. Fletcher is a fantastic writer who I have become a fan of after reading this book. Get ready to fall in love with this book!

Thank you so much to Nazia and Orbit For sending me an early copy. Really grateful 😊.

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