What Makes A Book A Five Star Read?

What for you makes a book a five star read? Its pretty difficult to give a solid answer for this as every reader is different. A five star might be a 2-3 star book for another person but it all depends on the reader really. Although, I think this is how it should be as it would be pretty boring if we all liked the same books.

For me personally there are 4 main factors that make a book great. readability, immersion, character depth And originality.

Firstly, readability is so important to me because the quality of how a book is written will want me to keep reading on. We’ve all had that one book that was so badly written that we just couldn’t comprehend why we started in the first place.

Secondly, novels should also strive to be immersive! The best novels are ones in which you are fully invested in. Even if it means staying awake all night and being a zombie in the morning lol. Strange The Dreamer is one example, I was so deep into that novel that I didn’t realize I had been reading it for 3 hours straight at one point. The more I continued reading the more I sank into the world Laini Taylor has created. If you’re reading a book and lose track of time or forget where the hell you are then that my friends is a good book.

Furthermore, like a game of chess needs it’s pieces books need their characters. Thus, characters who you can relate to and identify with for me is so important. The best ones are the ones you become emotionally attached to because that’s when you know that the author has done a good job. Emotions are so so important for me,authors such as Khalid Hosseni, Haruki Murakami and Patrick Ness are some of the best at grabbing your emotions in my opinion. Books that are able to do this are more likely to make a reader more attached and interested in a character.

In addition to this,I feel characters must have some type of character development. We as human beings are continuously developing ourselves as we learn and develop new skills and mindsets. This is the same for characters within literature. I’ve always loved books in which the characters grow in some way. It becomes pretty boring after a while if there’s no intended growth for characters. No one likes unseasoned food so why have unseasoned characters!

Finally, Originality! I’ve started to notice how so many stories are using the same old blueprint, especially in fantasy books. I feel like many just copy bits and bobs from each other there are so many stories that just sound the same. A prime example of this are fantasy novels which are becoming so unoriginal. I recently read Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi which in my eyes is soooo similar to an Ember in The Ashes🤦🏽‍♂️

Thus, authors who can be original and create something new and fresh will always grab me. Great story telling is great but I feel the stories that people remember are ones that were innovative and took a unique approach when telling their story.

So what for you makes a book a perfect read?

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Just a fellow avid reader who loved recommending books he has enjoyed :D

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