A Torch In The Night by Sabaa Tahir Review

But you, Helene Aquilla, are no swift-burning spark. You are a torch against the night – if you dare to let yourself burn.

A Torch In The Night continues from the first book(An Ember in The Ashes) were we see former slave Laia and former mask Elias who are on a journey to save Laia’s brother Darin from the notorious “Kauf Prison”. Unlike the first book which focused only on these two characters this book also focuses on Helene. Helene who at the end of the first book was crowned “Blood shrike” to the Emperor Marcus.

The plot I felt was waaay better than the first, it was brutal, exciting, action packed and full of so many twists. The suspense created in the novel was wonderful and I am honestly so excited to start the next book.

In addition to this, It was so easy to get into this book as it continues straight off from the previous. Sometimes sequels tend to wander away from its predecessor but this one thankfully didn’t. The pacing of the book was steady when it had to be and fast paced when it had to be. I really liked how well balanced it was considering it focuses on three characters rather than two, I didn’t at all get confused.

Furthermore, I really loved the character arcs of Elias and Helene but found Laia just ok. Her character does improve compared to the first book but I don’t really care for her lol. Both Elias and Helene are such interesting and complex characters and have a stronger presence in my eyes. The continued inner struggle of Elias to do what’s right and fix his wrongs, while also protecting those he cares about was just superb. However, Helene for me was the star of the whole book. Although she wasn’t a main character in the first book I loved her character so much. Now that she played a more pivotal role in this book I love her character even more now. She’s so on the ball, sharp, lethal when she has to be and overall a bad ass. She must also come juggle between what’s right for family, empire and her friend Elias. She goes through some really grim stuff and Im not just saying that, honestly she goes through absolute hell. However, she still manages to keep her shit together as difficult as her journey has been thus far.

Overall this is a must read for YA Fantasy fans! I couldn’t put it down at all and enjoyed every bit of the story. Helene and Elias make this a worthwhile read but again like in the first book Laia has no spark for me anyway.

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