Station Eleven

It took me approximately 4 years to read this book. Not because it was shite but because the first page started blabbering some Shakespeare play. At that time I was young and thought anything to do with Shakespeare was lame. Oh hath timeth changed lol

The book goes back and forth in time from when civilisation strived and had an abundance of resources to a post apocalyptic world and a much more dangerous world.

Station Eleven focuses on six people impacted in different ways before the collapse of the World and how unexpected fates connect these people. The web that connects these individuals is Arthur Leander a Hollywood actor who has essentially reached his peak and in a final war cry taking to the stage as King Lear(play of same name). However unexpectedly Arthur collapses on stage due to a heart attack. Shortly after this tragedy Pandora’s box is opened and a virus known as the Georgia flu is released upon humanity killing off most of the worlds population.

The book then jumps 20 years later to Kirsten who was on stage with Arthur when she was a little girl. Kirsten now travels city to city with a collective assemble of musicians known as “The Travelling Symphony” . There aim is to entertain those who are left within the world and ignite some hope in their hearts through the art of drama. However the group face many dangers traveling across the wasteland and with there no longer being medical care and pharmacies there are no get out of jail cards.

I really really enjoyed this book and loved how it focuses on the importance of remembering your history and how little things connected the characters, It was done so smoothly. I also loved the tension towards the end it was a big surprise for me.

Definitely recommend this book

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